Ezra Hapner PDGA #25000

PDGA Worlds in KC '09

The 25th Annual 2010 Steady Ed Memorial DGA Masters Cup

2009 Worlds Jr Highlights

(Look for me in this video. I am wearing a gray shirt. Can you find me?)

Me and my new friends at the 2009 PDGA World

me with my trophy

Uncle Marty (Hall of Fame member, PDGA #4033), me and Santa Cruz's own 2X World Champ Nate Doss

me with 2009 World Champion, Avery Jenkins

Look closely at that signature near the thumb...
From 2009_07_29
Yes, that's mine!!! my first autograph.

Letter from my dad to friends/family after the worlds:

"Hi all, as you may know, Ezra played in the disc golf world championships this year in Kansas City, KS. He is the record book holder for the youngest competitor in this event at the age of 7. He played 6 rounds of disc golf, 18 holes each in a 4 day period. that doesn't include the extra 3 rounds in the first two days of being there to "warm-up" before the tournament. I am very proud of him. It wasn't as much of a competition as it was a learning experience. He and his fellow competitors, both age 10, showed incredible sportsmanship and became good friends after the week of play. Ezra brought home an impressive 3rd place trophy and many new goodies from the event.

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PDGA pictures:
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From my camera:
Picasa/RHapner - the dates are 2009_07_27 to 2009_08_01

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From 2009_07_29